Hair loss isn’t the only side effect of chemotherapy that women fear.  Research has shown some cancer patients also suffer from “chemo-brain”, a change in cognitive functioning that can affect short-term memory, concentration and reasoning.  However, experts agree that taking good care of yourself during chemotherapy can make all the difference in how your body responds to the medicine.  Find out how to cope with the sudden changes that come with cancer treatment and treat your body well.  Read “Cancer Wigs, Coping Tips, and Chemo-Brain: Bouncing Back After Chemotherapy”.

Don't let the name "babushka" scare you.  It may be the name for a Russian doll, and an endearing term for a baby, but in the case of  cancer headwear, it is a headscarf that is tied under the chin.  However, women are starting to wear babushkas in many other ways.  Similar to a turban, these versatile headscarves are a great alternative to chemotherapy wigs and scarves.  They can be worn several different ways; younger women tend to wear them more bandana-style, while older women prefer the turban, but it is all a personal preference.  To find out more about where to get a babushka and what they look like, read “Babushkas: The Latest Trend in Cancer Headwear.”

When women are losing their hair to chemotherapy, they often immediately think they will have to purchase a cancer wig.  This is not true, and many women forget about the option of buying a cancer head scarf.  There are lots of benefits to buying a head scarf over a cancer wig.  For example, in the summer your head scarf will let much more air near your scalp to cool you off, as opposed to a wig which will get hot and itchy.  It can be very hard to wear a head scarf at first because it’s something you are not used to, but when you look at them as a fashion statement instead of a cover-up for hair loss it is much easier.  To learn more about head scarves, read “The Benefits of Choosing a Head Scarf over a Cancer Wig.”

If you are losing your hair due to chemotherapy or soon will be, there are several measures to take to keep your hair for as long as you can.  In order to mentally prepare yourself for your hair loss  you could start by shopping for your cancer wig or getting your hair cut short.  These tips and other sound advice from recovering cancer patients will help to make losing your hair a bit less traumatizing.  To find out what the other steps are to ready yourself for losing your hair, read “Hair Loss from Cancer Treatment: What Can Be Done About It?”

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